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I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and traveled down to the deep south to study Graphic Design at the University of Cincinnati. UC has an impressive Co-op program that led me to multiple years of experience with Landor Associates in Cincinnati and later an International Co-op with Landor in Hamburg, Germany. My German isn’t great, but I did get to be pretty good at miming. I was also able to squeeze in a travel quarter, where I spent three months living out of a backpack trying not to go broke or lose anything along the way. I’m completely hooked on travel now and always have a few trips planned, in the US or international.

I enjoy using design to solve complicated problems and like to balance the business and creative aspects of a project. I have experience designing packaging for Febreze, Oral-B, Secret, Tide, Sauza Tequila and a few other brands. More recently I have been designing the eCommerce UX/UI for companies whose product offerings range from door glass to bull semen. In every case, I appreciate the challenge of understanding the needs of the end users and developing a strategy to tailor the experience for them.

In my spare time, I like to work on a variety of creative projects like embroidery, painting, ceramics, and building and refinishing furniture. I have a large collection of trash furniture that is just waiting to be freshened up.

If you have an opportunity that is perfect for a designer / travel enthusiast / wine + cheese taster / furniture builder, please get in touch!
*I have scoured the Internet for this position, but have yet to find it.

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"Michelle shines bright like a diamond."

− Rihanna

"Oooh, I hadn't thought about that."

− Clients and Associates

"Michelle is like a sister to me."

− Jennifer Kowalski, designer's sister

Education & Skills

University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati
College of DAAP (Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning)
Bachelor of Science in Design
University Honors Scholar, Cum Laude


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Edge Code
Adobe Premiere Pro
Microsoft Office
IBM WebSphere Commerce
Axure RP
iBook Author
Conversational German
Basic Spanish

Design Experience

Briteskies: Cleveland, Ohio

UI/UX Design

Responsible for designing strategic eCommerce web experiences within the Magento platform and client and internal content sites using WordPress. Designed and implemented a redesign of the Briteskies brand in 2017. Work with a small team to implement and manage an inbound marketing program through HubSpot.

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Landor Associates: Cincinnati, Ohio

Packaging and Print Design

Created package design concepts for Febreze, Tide, and Secret deodorant while in the Cincinnati office.

Mentored a team of high school students as a part of Create, Don’t Hate, a national organization sponsored by the Adobe Foundation and Worldstudio Projects. Worked with the students to develop billboards around the theme of tolerance. The billboards were displayed on major Cincinnati roads during Spring 2011.

View Landor Website

Landor Associates: Hamburg, Germany

Brand Identity

Joined the Landor design team in Hamburg and developed package designs for major international brands with a focus on Procter & Gamble oral care products. Utilized After Effects to animate illustrations for Landor Hamburg promotional videos and created brand videos for client presentations.

View Landor Website

The Village Project

Volunteer design services to expand their identity with branded materials and signage.

View Village Project Website

Stevenson: Cincinnati, Ohio

Worked with the structural designers to develop and create graphics and display units for Kroger and Dillards. Designed a Substrate Swatch Book to be sent to current and potential clients.

View Stevenson Website

International Experience

Travel Quarter

Embarked on a three-month travel quarter through Europe. Prepared a comprehensive budget, applied for, and was awarded, multiple University grants. Developed a detailed itinerary involving visits to major international museums and monuments.

Carried all of my earthly possessions through Spain, France, the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Italy and Greece during Summer 2011…on my back.

Ultimately delivered a presentation about the steps required to plan a cost-effective international travel experience.

Hamburg, Germany

Worked with Landor Cincinnati to develop an international internship in the Landor Hamburg office. Prepared a detailed six-month budget and the required paperwork prior to arriving in Germany.

Somehow managed to become a non-permanent legal resident of Hamburg (a real Hamburger) and fill out assorted German documents with no prior German knowledge. Used this opportunity to take German language courses and explore: Germany, Denmark, Austria, England, France, Ireland, the Czech Republic, and Poland.

June 2012 – December 2012